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Khnemu:Egyptian God

For the first beings Every god's characterisfic features could be inherited as the son of a god might look like his father Generaly speaking it fe11 to Khnum, the potter god, to concave the forms of the gods as well as those of people or animals He was believed to mold them all on his potters wheel, relying only on the force of his breath; the nature of the day he used was not known The spedial powers he possessed enabled him to desroy the body of the cosmic enemy Apophis as well as those of his progeny A divine form created by Khnum constituted a totality that could not be apprehended in and of self for such a form coincided with the very being of the god it belonged to. It hy beyond what could be known or described and could only be grasped--imper~ctly at that~ through its projections. These projections constitued the kheperu which corresponded to the series of ephemeral individul forms indefinite in number that a divinity was capable of assuming None of them could encompass the totality of what a god was. Yet the passage from one to the other althhough it showed that a god was caught up in a process of con- stant evoution did not constitute a metamorphosis of his fundamental being. Each of these forms was a facet of the god in which he was fully implied.
By adopting a kheperu, a god created for himself the possibility of signifying a state of his being or distinguishing one of his actions by individualizing it. To enter such a state or perform such an act was to inscribe the kheperu in visual reality. This projection, called the iru, was a perceptible, intelligable manifestation of the god, accentuated, as a rule by various material attributes.
"Daily Life of the Egyptian Gods:Dimitri Meeks and Christine Favard Meeks"Translated by G.M.Goshgarian Reprint 1996,orig 1993 Cornell University Press.

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