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The Contra Costa County Men's Group:Samildanach

Three Manifestations of Excellence.
The honoring of parents,
respecting of the aged,
and instructing of the young,
and to this a fourth:Defending of infancy and innocence

What the Contra Costa County Men's Group "Samildanach" is about.

We are currently a mens group in the Contra Costa County area of Northern California. We are a Small group that holds monthly meetings to discuss Mens Issues,Practice our Religion of Paganism and promote good works.
The name "Samildanach" is taken from the Myth of Llugh and means "Many Talents".
"Then the doorkeeper went into the palace and declared all to the king. "A warrior has come before the enclosure," said he. "His name is Samildanach (many-gifted), and all the arts which thy household practice he himself possesses, so that he is the man of each and every art."
(From the Battle of Mag Tured)

This fit's our group very well, as we are all artists,writers,cooks,dads,workers,domestic partners, and more.
Samildanach is a group that wishes to promote intelligence and wisdom. we seek to foster growth and forward movement within ourselves.
We meet once a month(or more),we follow a seasonal calendar and have celibrations that are collected from many cultures.
If you wish to attend an meeting or event,please contact us through our various email listings and we will be glad to reply to your request.
Although we are a Men's Group, with membership exclusively male, we are not anti-women, and we have a very healthy posisitive attitude about women, and support womens groups in our area.
If you want to find out about joining our group

Click Here for our Membership FAQ

The Members

Dan (Oak Chief)

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