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I am an eclectic Wiccan and a practicing shaman, in addition to the many
other roles that I seem to fulfill (lover and partner to a wonderful woman,
responsible full-time adult, firebrand for equal representation of the God,
to name a few).

While I work for equal recognition and respect for the God in all his faces
and forms, I respect and revere the Goddess in all of her faces and forms as
well. I simply feel that a harmonious balance between the God and the
Goddess is essential to the well-being of Wicca.

I'm working (off and on) on a book for men in Wicca, after discovering that
there are far fewer books for and about Wiccan men than there are for and
about Wiccan women. My hope, dream and goal is to be published and
self-supporting with my writing, but I still have a long way to go!

I enjoy writing, reading, reading the Tarot (I'm good at it, just don't have
that large of an audience), and practicing awareness of the world around
me, and my place in it.

All that lives, lives within each of us; all that is, is within us all.
Respect and responsibility are the greatest gifts we have been given; let us
put them to good use in supporting our brothers and sisters as we work
together to build a healing bridge between ourselves and the world.*

Dan's Writings

Sacred Gateways, Sacred Rebirth
The Hunt of the Stag
God From the Shadows
Money for nothing,your gifts for free.
Inititation: The Path Of Transformation02/12/01
The Colors of an Elder07/16/2001

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