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My name is Mathew Abel and I usually go by Matt, since I still have not found
(or been given, depending on how you look at it) a magickal name.
I am a 28 year old Leo, with a Taurus moon, Virgo Rising. I was born
and raised in a small town in northern Utah, and was therefore raised
Mormon. However, I'm recovering quite nicely. Being raised Mormon,
however did give me a very strong sense of spirituality as well as
community, I just never really meshed with it's teachings-especially
since they asked me to leave when I told them that I was gay. Through
the years since then, I have continued to seek out my own spiritual path
and have studied many different concepts and religions.

I am relatively new to paganism (it's been about a year now), but
have found that it allows me the openness the follow whichever path
feels right to me. I firmly believe that there is truth in all religions,
but that the differences are all derived from people's perspectives.
And far too much time is spent focusing on the differences in religion,
and not how we can all act together as one global community. Currently,
I consider myself an eclectic neo-pagan, however I feel very drawn to the
Reclamation movement. I can't really consider myself a solitary witch
since I am a member of Samildanach as well as another small group.
However, neither group is set in any particular tradition.

Being the only gay member of Samildanach, I feel that I have a unique
perspective to offer the group, and am very grateful for my pagan brothers
who are always happy to hear my views. I am currently in a long-term
relationship of 6 years. My partner and I met while
attending college in Utah.
Feel free to email me if you'd like.

The Realm of Storm Fairywolf

Reclaiming- a Community of people, a Tradition of Witchcraft, and a religious organization.

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