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Oh you, who are the Opener of the Ways,
Hear my voice.
Oh you, whose ears pierce the Walls of Noise,
Hear my voice.
Oh you, who walk unheeding through the Winds of Fear
Hear my voice.

You are the Dark Pupil of the Sun,
The Knowledgeable Eclipse in the Iris of Fire;
You are the Seeing Darkness.
Guide me safely through the terrors of my own unseeing;
Preserve me from my unspoken sorrows;
Return me safely through the Gate of Becoming,
And open for me
The door that admits humankind
To the Eternal Garden.
Oh you, who are the Opener of the Ways,
Walk with me

Martin Ludgate


Anubis:Dog-God,or god with a dog's head,particularly responsible for embalming. In this capacity,he was charged with embalming Osiris,as well as with protecting his body both during and after it was embalmed. He was also the official guardian or cemetaries.
Daily Life of the Egyptian Gods:Dimitri Meeks and Christine Favard-MeeksTranslated by G.M.Goshgarian:1996 Cornell University Press.

"He is regarded as the son of Osiris and Nephthys, or the son of Re and Nephthys. Anubis was worshipped in the entire realm, but the center of his cult was in Cynopolis (Upper Egypt). In his role of psychopomp ("conductor of souls") he leads the souls of the deceased to the House of Osiris. As the Judge of the Dead, Anubis would take each person's heart and weigh it against the Feather of Truth (see: Ammit).
After the time of the Old Kingdom, Anubis was superseded by Osiris, who became the god of the dead, and Anubis was made his assistant. As the patron god of the funeral cult, Anubis is responsible for the embalming and mummification process, of which he is thought to be the inventor. He is also the protector of tombs." "The Encyclopedia Mythica TM Copyright 1995 - 1999 Micha F. Lindemans. All Rights Reserved .Protected by the copyright laws of the United States and international treaties." Encyclopedia Mythica WebsiteGo there for more info.

Anubis knew that the deceased had overcome all the obsticles and was familiar,in the fullest sense of the word,with the geography of the hereafter; he had thus already become to some extent,part of it. Anubis assumed the role of intercessor between the new arrival and the assembly seated around Osiris; this was the ultimate tribunal.
While the candidate for beatitude cooled his heels at the door,Anubis recited before all present the good deeds that the deceased had told him he had done; Anubis concluded by turning toward the deceased and saying "May your weighing take place in our midst."
Before entering the great hall,the deceased had to state,one more time,the name of the gate he wished to pass through,as well as that of its lintel and threshold,so that Anubis might then proclaim,"Enter because you know."
Daily Life of the Egyptian GodsDimitri Meeks and Christine Favard-MeeksTranslated by G.M.Goshgarian:1996 Cornell University Press.

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