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L.O.H:The Pagan Gods:The Cernunnos Resource Page
"Cernunnos:The name 'Cernunnos'means 'horned' or 'peaked one'. On a Monument dedicated by Parisian sailors in the reign of Tiberius,the name is inscribed above the head and shoulders of a balding,bearded,elderly god wearing antlers,from which hand a TORC or neck ring. In addition to the antlers,the god has the ears of a stag. Although the association of name and antlered image occus only on this one monument, 'Cernunnos' has served to identify numerous other images of an antlered diety which occur before and during the Romano-Celtic Perioud in the Celtic World. Cernunnos is remarkable in that,unlike most Celtic divinities,he appears in the pre-Roman,free period. The earliest recorded manifestation is on a 4th c. BC rock-carving at Paspardo in Camonica Valley in North Italy,where an antlered god bears a torc on each arm and is accompanied by a ram-horned snake and a small ithyphallic being. On the Gundestrup Cauldron,which could date back as early as the 4th-3rd c. BC,Cernunnos appears cross-legged,with two twisted torcs and antlers;he is accompanied by a stag, a ram-horned snake and other creatures. So already,in the pre-Roman period,there are associations between certain symbols:Stags,multiple torcs,ram-horned snakes and fertility,all of which are reflected by imagery whick appears in the Romano-Celtic world." "Cernunnos is one of the most striking examples of a semi-zoomorphic Celtic God,perhaps one of those beings who regularly underwent transmogrification or shape shifting from human form to animal form,mentioned so frequently in the vernacular literature. His close affinity with his forest companion,the STAG,is demonstrated by his adoption of antlers,and sometimes cervine ears or hooves. His other intimate associate is the snake,frequently ram-horned,which wraps itself around his body,eats from the hand,and at Cirencester,actually merges with the image of the God himself. The Snake was a symbol of renewal or Regeneration;the Stag a woodland animal fast and aggressive in it's sexuality. In many of these images, Cernunnos displays a role as god of abundance and fertility,with cornucopiae,fruit,bowls of grain or money,and at Camonica,his small companion is tihyphallic.Cernunno'link with ordinary people may be shown by his cross legged pose:Mediteranean writers remark that the Gauls commonly sat on the floor(Diodorus V,28,4:Athenaeus VI,36).Finally,Cernunnos is above all lord of Animals. In addition to his stag and snake,he is sometimes company with many different species of beast,wild and domesticated,all enhancing his symbolism as a god of wild and tamed nature,fecundity and a Noah-like beneficence.His intimate rapport with the animal world is displayed above all by his image,whereby he is both man/god and beast." DICTIONARY OF CELTIC MYTH AND LEGEND:By Miranda J. Green(Thames and Hudson LTD,London 1992)

Cernunnos ("the horned one") is a Celtic god of fertility, wealth, and the underworld. His cult was spread all over Gaul, and was later imported into Britain. He is depicted with the antlers of a stag, accompanied by a snake with a ram's head or a ram, sometimes also carrying a purse which spills coins or grain
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    By Ivo Dominguez, Jr. (Panpipe)
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    Invocation of the Horned God


    By Robert Graves
    the day that is no day calls for a tree
    That is no tree, of low yet lofty growth.
    When the pale Queen of Autumn casts her leaves
    My leaves are freshly tufted on her boughs.
    When the wild apple drops her goodly fruit
    My all-heal fruit hangs ripening on her boughs.
    Look, the twin temple-posts of green and gold,
    The overshadowing lintel stone of white.
    For here with white and green and gold I shine -
    Graft me upon the King when his sap rises
    That I may bloom with him at the year's prime,
    That I may blind him in his hour of joy.

    This Image was taken from the cover of the book"Fire in the Head:Shamanism and the Celtic Spirit"by Tom Cowan,No artist is credited for the cover art oddly.It is obviously based on the Gundestrup Cauldron.