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The Ogham

B(Beithe):The Birch
L:(Luis): The Rowan
F:(Fearn): The Alder
S:(Sail): The Willow
N:(Nion): The Ash
H:(Huath): The Hawthorn
D:(Duir): The Oak
T:(Tinne): The Holly
C:(Coll): The Hazel
Q:(Queirt): The Apple
M:(Muin): The Vine
G:(Gort): The Ivy
nG:(nGetal): Broom
St:(Straiph): The Blackthorn
R:(Ruis): The Elder
A:(Ailm): The Fir
O:(Onn): The Furze
U:(Ur): The Heather
E:(Eadhadh): The Aspen
I:(Idhadh): The Yew

The Ogham Alphabet and Corresponding Tree Pages

Coll;The Hazel

The Hawthorn Tree
"Lavalle Hawthorn"
Crataegus lavallei
C. arnoldiana (Arnold hawthorn); C. crus-gallii (cockspur hawthorn and cockspur); C. lavallei (Lavalle hawthorn); C. mollis (downy hawthorn); C. monogyna (single-seeded hawthorn); C. mordenensis 'Toba' (Toba hawthorn); C. nitida (glossy hawthorn); C. oxyacantha (English hawthorn); C. phaenopyrum (Washington hawthorn)
The hawthorn is a broad-crowned deciduous tree of which there are more than 1,000 different species, most native to North America. Trees planted when 5 to 6 feet tall become 15 to 20 feet tall in six to ten years. Two years after planting, hawthorns begin to bear 2- to 3-inch clusters of white, pink or red flowers less than an inch across. The flowers line the branches in spring and are followed by red fruit. Hawthorn leaves vary in size, shape and fall coloring from species to species, but all have very sharp thorns that become bone hard. Because of their dense branching and natural tendency to multiple trunks, they are usually left unpruned. Hawthorns are remarkably tough trees and can endure seasons of drought and cold as well as the pollution of cities.
VIRTIAL GARDEN SEARCH:Time Life Complete Garden
Copyright 1994-1998 The Virtual Garden , All Rights Reserved "All the trees we have examined so far can be used consiously and deliberately as an integral part of an Otherworld journey,to initiate new Work appropriate to the meanings and virtures of each tree. Hawthorne,however is very different,and has a different function."
"It's Magical function is a symbol to be used only by those in the otherworld as a warning to the magician to prepare for something about to happen.
Celtic Tree Mysteries:Secrets of the Ogham/By Steven Blamires:Lewellyn 1997

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