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The Banner was created by my brother Darrin Jones in 1999.
Credit where Credit is due........

We wish to give credit to all sources of gifs and jpgs. I have used many sources for all content on this page. It may eventually possible that I will forget to give someone credit.If that happens to you,send me some angry email,and I will most likely list you here that very day with a quick apology back to you. If you decide that you do not want your graphic here,and it is indeed your graphic,well I will remove said graphic that very day.and again,send you an apology. If you have some graphics that you think I of the readers of this page would be interested, all means let me know, and I will post a link to your site here.

There has been much on the net about fairness of use in computer graphics. I have made a point of removing many gifs on my site that I had stolen. I am still working toward this. I think my site and my concience are better for it. Thank you

Blessed be Blackthorne

Gif and Jpg links that are used on this site.

The Photo Background on the Main Page is from Don B's Page.This was used in accordance with the rules of usage.

This is Mikes Internet Tribute to Jethro Tull(Mike Lynch):This is where I have recieved all the Jethro Tull Midi Files that you have loved or hated.

Artwork by Joanna Powell Colbert. Used with permission.
Banners and Art by the most excellent Ioan Einion used on this site

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