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Samildanach Faq #1

Joining the Samildanach

(All info is currently under revision 12/18/00)
To join the Samildanach you must first contact us. When we talk to you and decide that you are a potential candidate,we will arrange a meeting.
After your face to face meeting,we will review your qualifiacations,and if you fit the criteria, you will then be contacted by one of us.
What will you consider when you interview me?

Age You must be 18 years in age to join the group.
Sex You must be Male.We do not hate women,or have anything against them,we just wish to maintain the group as Male only. Transgender Men (men who were born women) are of course eligable for the group.
Values We do not want anyone in the group who is Homophobic,Racist, Sexist or a Current Illegal Substance abuser.
Availablility You will need to be available for the meetings.Meetings are heald at least once a month about 13 times a year.

A word about our criteria.

Our Criteria is not yet written by the whole group and is subject to change.