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The Green Man Resource Pages:LINKS

updated on 5-29-03

Websites About the Greenman

At The Edge Article: By Ruth Wylie: "The Green Maní, a name coined by Lady Raglan in 1939, is a mediaeval image usually found in churches. -"
Endicott Studio:The Green Man and Green Woman: "The paintings, drawings, and sculptures on this page have been inspired by myths of the forest -- the Green Man, the Green Woman, and nature spirits of the wilderness. "
The Search for the "Green Man" by Nigel Rushbrook: "this image - the Green Man - was not unfamiliar to me. It even seemed perfectly natural, as if I had always known about it."
The Mystery of the Green Man:by Mike Harding: "but one common theme runs through all the disparate images and myths, death and rebirth and the Green that is all life."
The Green Man:East Anglia Site: by : "Dedicated to the Green Man or foliate head carvings in East Anglia the site contains a gazetteer of Green Man locations with descriptions ."
The Green Manby Ancient Spiral : Introduced by Marilyn Cameron: "In some instances the name refers to the ancient countryside or 'greemans' as it was called in earlier days."

updated on 5-28-03

Images of The Green Man

Blue Raven Clayworks:The Green Man: ", a symbol of my connection with the earth and all things green and growing. "
The Green Man-Willow Arlenea: An Intermediary between the green and spirit world.

updated on 5-28-03