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In My Humble Opinion:By Blackthorne(An Open Letter to Pagan Fathers Everywhere.)

We live in an age where many families are fragmented and re-arranged. The traditional Nuclear Family of June and Ward Cleaver's day is now a distant memory.
The Father of the household once a noble position is now a sad pathetic figure. We hear much more about fatherless children growing up raised by single mothers,deadbeat dads that shirk thier responsibility,and divorced fathers who constantly have to wait to spend time with thier children who live primarily with thier mother. Any man today might well be frieghtened by the prospect of fatherhood. With the shortage of role models that we have today(save for a few self appointed JUDEO CHRISTIAN men in the media)we are forced to stumble through our childs life with the only feedback we get being invariably what we are doing wrong.
I have had very few chances to meet other male pagans,let alone male pagan fathers. I have often longed for other pagan males to spend time with,our kids playing together,celebrating the solstace together,learning the ancient ways together,growing together.(As indeed we fathers grow.)
As corny as that sounds I believe other pagan fathers would like the same. I believe that letting our gaurd down,we might admit to a longing for comradarie that we might share in our spirit and teach each other new things.
We have the opportunity to give our children what we never had. Our children with our support can be the new leaders of the next millenium. Our children me be the upstanding citizens that open up a new way,new avenues of understanding between differing religions and beliefs. Our children may be the ones that help diminish sexism,racism,and other negitive aspects of our society. We have a chance to let our children grow up loved,educated,spiritually fulfilled and happy.
You and I my brothers can start this future today,right this minute by being the best fathers that we can be. We can start by giving,loving,sharing with our children. We can start by listening to our gods,listening to the good positive fatherhood values of our gods. We can nurture,we can promote growth,we can enrich and renew. we can take back traits that have long been thought feminine,leached out of our selves by thousands of years of horrible,negative patriarchal religions. And yes my brothers,we can teach our children to love the goddess,to embrace the goddess. We can teach our boys that hitting women,abusing women is unneceptable. We can teach our girls that men are positive,nurturing beings that love them,and do not want to diminish them in our society.
Our children,will have memories or dads,rich baritone singing at Yule,how thier dad's carved pumkins with them at samhain. Taught them the different types of plants and flowers,cooked for them,cleaned up after them. Respected them. Our children,our future. It's up to us,
It's up to all of us.

Copyright March 25th,1995 by R.Dean Jones(No portion of this may be used in any form,at any time.)