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Legba:God of the Voudoun Tradition,African Diety.

by Risa Gordon, Clarksville Middle School
Legba, a god of West Africa and Voodooism, is the child of the Sky Pantheon. He is allied with destiny, but has no particular domain. Legba is very intelligent and cunning, despite the fact that he is a trickster. Although Legba appears as a weak poorly dressed old man, he is really very strong. He understands all languages of humans and of the gods. In Voodoo ceremonies, Legba is always the first to be invoked. No Loa, a spirit of the dead, is allowed to enter into the worshippers unless he has Legba¹s permission. This is because he holds the key to the gate separating the humans¹ world and the world of the gods.
Papa Legba

by Joshua Ellis
The Haitian voodoo god who acts as an intermediary between the loa and humans. He is also the god of the crossroads; he opens the road to the spirit world. He taught mankind the use of oracles and how to interpret them.
Papa Legba is commonly depicted as an old man sprinkling water or an old man with a crutch, and is also known as Legba or Legba Ati-Bon. In any vodoun ceremony, Legba is the first loa invoked, so that he may "open the gate" for communication between the worlds.The dog is his symbolic animal.
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LEGBA:by David Byrne(Talking Heads)

You'll be, hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm,
magnet for money
You'll be, mm-mm-mm-mm,
magnet for loveYou'll feel, hmm, light in your body
Now I'm gonna say, gonna say these words:
Rompiendo la monotonia del tiempo
Rompiendo la monotonia del tiempo
It might hmm-mmm-mm-mm...It might rain money
It might hm-hi-hi-hi...It might rain fire
Now I'm gonna call,Gonna call on Legba.
Get yourself a signGet your love and desire.
Rompiendo la monotonia del tiempo
Rompiendo la monotonia del tiempou
Papa Legba,Come and open the gate.Papa Legba,
To the city of camps.Now, we're your childrenCome and ride your horse
In the nightIn the nightCome and ride your horseThere is a queen
Of six sevens and ninesDust in your gardenPoison in your mind
There is a king
That will steal your soulDin't let him catch you,
Don't let him get control.
Rompiendo la monotonia del tiempoRompiendo la monotonia del tiempoPapa Legba,
Come and open the gatePapa Legba,
To the city of campsNow, we're your children
Come and ride your horseIn the nightIn the night,
come and ride your horse
In the nightIn the night, come and ride your horseIn the night In the night, come and ride your horse

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