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Pagan Mens Links Page.
Updated (12/11/03)

Pagan Mens Links:Webrings and Home Pages

Mike NicholsContributor to Witchvox,Themestream ect. Great Writer!!!(11/28/00)
Paganmen Website:This is a great new site that has good potential, visit it!!!!(11-14-2000)
PanPipes Page:Author and former collumnist for the now defunct Green Man Magazine.Check out his page.There Are Some Great Articles Here on Many Issues that would appeal to all Pagans.Great Poetry too!!

The Realm of Storm Faerywolf
This gentleman is a Teacher and Poet,check out his site.
Tannim's Religion(11/20/00)
Witchcraft and the Masculine:Thoughts on the God
Isaac BonewitsPagan Author/Gadfly
Raven GrimassiStregheria Practitioner/Author
The Incredible Ed Fitch
The Warrior Soul Resource Center.
Netjeru Crossings:This is a Page dedicated to the Egyptian Pantheon.
Raymond BucklandLlewellyn Author
Cian Fearghal's The Ebon ThistleA nice site.

Nice site with some great family info.
Letters from Hardscrabble CreekThe Excellent Chas Clifton,also of Green Man and Gnosis.
Gavangar's Great Adventure
Running Wolf's Watering Hole
Aragorn Lightningwolfs Realm of Shadows.
Emerald Rose -- Celtic Music, Celtic Magic
Silvernight's Web Page:The Pagan Mens Circle
This Has much promise. Check it out and visit his message board.


Paganmen E-groups
go to the link directly or send a blank email to:

Men's Message Boards
The Greenman Phorum
Samildanach/Lodge or Herne Message Board

Trail Warning-
Beauty is no threat to the wary
Who treat the mountain in it's way,
the copperhead in it's way,
and the deer in it's way,
knowing that nature is the human heart
made tangible.
"Marilou Awiakta"

Pagan Fathering:(Pagan Family Pages,not exclusively male but a great reasource for Fathers anyway!!)

1.Pagan Parenting Page: A Great site for Pagan Parents to utilise.
2.In our own Words: A Great site for Parents of all denominations.
3.Holiday Links: A great multi-demoninational site,great source for creating rituals and family traditions.
Journal of the Seasons:
My Children are of all faiths: One Parents Perspective
A Pagan Parenting Page:Church of the Dancing Flame: An Essay on Raising Pagan Children.
Turning The Wheel: A Pagan Parents Guide to the Seasons.
The Pagan Family:
The Family Path:A Pagan Afternoon Tea
Acorns: A Newsletter for Pagan Homeschoolers:Published 8 times a year.:This is an excellent site for pagan parents, I HIGHLY reccomend it.

"What should we teach our children about our religion? Very little, in my opinion. I think we should put our emphasis on guiding their spiritual growth, which is not the same thing at all. If we give them a thoroughly ethical and multicultural environment to grow in, I believe we can trust them to make their own meaningful decisions about religion--just as we did ourselves."
"What Should We Teach Our Children about Our Religion?" by Maggie Mountain Lion.

Mens Groups/Legal Information

Men for Change: Mens organization based our of Nova Scotia:Men who are trying to make a positive change.
Husband Battering:Groups and Legal Information Links:This is a must read for all men and women.
The World Wide Web Virtual Library:The Mens Issues Page:This is a great jump page to other great mens issues pages.This is all great stuff for everyone! is a great iconoclastic site with much info.Not a woman haters club,and not anti-feminist,but it may tell you some things you don't want to hear.Some articles written by women.
Earth Religion Legal Assistance Network: Finding Help and Helping yourself
Lady Liberty League:Pagan Religious Activists Information Exchange Network.
Onterio Consultants on Religious Tolerance: This is not only an excellent resource,it's just a damn good site.I reccomend this to anyone.
Men's Defense Association
The Hall of Warriors:Strategy for anyone.
Men: the Other Victims of PatriarchyInformitive article with links.
ACLU Chapters by State.
Amnesty International
Americans United for Seperation of Church and State
Earth Religionist Stores Listing by Alphabet.
List of Local Earth Religion Rights
Religious Rights Webringlook at sites or become a member yourself
(WADL)Witches Anti Defimation League
Religious Tolerance Org
United States Human Rights Library.
Pagan Legal Rights
Legal Smarts for Pagan Parents
The Open Hearth Foundation.A Pagan Community Center Initiative.


1.Bioenergetics Press :dedicated to unusual and hard-to-find books about men's and gender issues
2.Men's Health Online:Men's Health,Issues,Diet,Indices.

3.MENWEB:Men's voice Magazine
4.PagaNET NewsMuch info for Pagans.
5.White DragonUK Pagan Pub
6.Cicle MagazineSimply the Best Pagan Magazine there is.(IMHO)
7.Pangaia Magazine
8.Llewellyn Publishing Co.:
9.Prometheus Books on-line. : journals for the educational, scientific, professional, library, popular and consumer markets
10.Phoenix Publishing: quality books on wicca
11.Magical Blend Magazine: New Agey,but occasionally neat.
12.Sage Woman/Pangaia Magazine: Excellent Pagan Publishing
14.Obsidian MagazineJournal of Magick
Take a packet of seeds
Take yourself out to play
I Want to see a River of Orchids where we had a motorway.
Just Like a mad dog you're chasing your tail in a circle
Just Like a mad dog you're chasing your tail in a circle
it's all in your back yard
You've got the whole world at your feet
I said the grass is always greener when it bursts up through concrete
Andy Partridge"River of Orchids"Apple Venus"Album

A Celtic Triad
    Three Duties of the excellent person
  • To cherish their Mate and Children,
  • to love their country,
  • and to obey the laws of the people.

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