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"I am Herne the hunter..and you are a leaf driven by the wind..."

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The Lodge of Herne

If you are a Pagan Male who is seeking other Pagan men to work with, to share celebration and ritual with, you have come to a place of fellowship and honor.
The Lodge of Herne is a Men's Pagan Group that is developing a tradition of earth based spirituality honoring the divine male. We are a a group that loves the goddes and honors her, but is also about the joy and the celebration of worhipping the god.
Having worked previously with a Pagan Men's group I have a familiarity with the beauty that can be produced by men working together in ritual. Hearing the warmth and power behind the invocations and God/Goddess chants I was warmed inside by my reclaming of the beauty of the God.
Working with Earth-Centered, Celtic influencedtraditions I have formed a template of ritual that will be expanded upon by new members. Within the Lodge of Herne exists a framework that has been built, but other hands and minds will also build this Lodge.
If you live in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, and If you are a pagan man who wants to work hard to bring forth a posative,joyous mens group that follows the path of the god, I ask you to contact me....step forward and be counted..the journey has just begun.


1.Who is Blackthorne?

I am an uninitiated,untrained pagan male who has belonged to many groups over the years and is still affiliated with a few in the bay area. I am a former member of a pagan male group who left to branch out and search for other pagan men who shared my vision.
This vision is of a pagan group that would honor the earth with seasonal festivals,art in ritual, learning and honing the craft of the wise, and working toward building a tradition that would stand the test of time.
While this is a large goal, I am willing to wait to see it fullfilled. I claim to be neither a teacher,a sage or a magician, I am a man, a man who honors the god and wishes to create traditions for men to enjoy and come to look forward to on a yearly basis.

2.Can I join the group if I do not live in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area?

At this time the group exsists with only a few members, over time, a very long time there will be chapters formed...there may not..but at the present time we can accept no one outside our area.
However... keep in touch..if you may be directed to a similar group in your area as time goes by.
3.How do I join?

Membership happens when someone makes a personal commitment to be in the group. This commitment is an act of doing. Merely going to meetings or joining an email list will not get you into the Lodge.
The Lodge is about action, about doing...If you are up to this challenge them email me at
I will contact you and ask you a few questions about yourself, If you agree we will meet and discuss the group in person. There is no paperwork,dues or promises. What you do as a person will ensure that you can get something out of this group.
4.How often do you meet?

Meetings are every month sometimes twice a month depending on events and seasons. Sometimes meetings will be a ritual, sometimes they will be a time to make magical items, sometimes they will be an occasion to sit and talk with other members.
The cycle of the year is to be kept with monthly rituals involving the stages of the god during the seasonal changes that effect him.