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The Ogham

B:(Beithe) :The Birch
L:(Luis): The Rowan
F:(Fearn): The Alder
N:(Nion): The Ash
H:(Huath): The Hawthorn
D:(Duir): The Oak
T:(Tinne): The Holly
C:(Coll): The Hazel
Q:(Queirt): The Apple
M:(Muin): The Vine
G:(Gort): The Ivy
nG:(nGetal): Broom
St:(Straiph): The Blackthorn
R:(Ruis): The Elder
A:(Ailm): The Fir
O:(Onn): The Furze
U:(Ur): The Heather
E:(Eadhadh): The Aspen
I:(Idhadh): The Yew

The Ogham Alphabet and Corresponding Tree Pages

Nion:The Ash

The Ash of Tortiu,take count thereof

The Ash of populous Uisneach.

Their boughs fell,it was not amiss,

In the time of the Sons of Ead Slane

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