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The Ogham

B:(Beithe): The Birch
L:(Luis):The Rowan
F:(Fearn): The Alder
S:(Sail): The Willow
N:(Nion): The Ash
H:(Huath): The Hawthorn
D:(Duir): The Oak
T:(Tinne): The Holly
C:(Coll): The Hazel
Q:(Queirt): The Apple
M:(Muin): The Vine
G:(Gort): The Ivy
nG:(nGetal): Broom
St:(Straiph): The Blackthorn
R:(Ruis): The Elder
A:(Ailm): The Fir
O:(Onn)-The Furze
U:(Ur): The Heather
E:(Eadhadh): The Aspen
I:(Idhadh): The Yew

The Ogham Alphabet and Corresponding Tree Pages

Onn:The Furze(Gorse)

The Furze is a yellow-flowering shrub that grows profusely on moreland and commonland. It chooses for itself a position far away from other trees where it can bask in the sun. However, although the furze has its densest covering in the spring and early summer, there is, in fact, no month in the year when it is totally devoid of flowers.
The flowers are rich and plentiful in pollen and nectar, goving off a strong honey scent in the warm sun, and providing rich rewards for gathering bees.
The Fire Festival

The furze is particularly associated with the celibration of Lugnassadh, at which time it possess a strong value, linking the inner and outer worlds with richness and fulfillment. Although just apparently a common lowly bush, the furze in the Ogham alphabet is, according t o Brehon Law tree order, a Chieftain. It therefore ranks among the highest echelon, along with the Alder, Ash, Oak, Hazel, Vine, Ivy, Blackthorn, Yew, Mistletoe (Heather) and Beech and it is, therefore, a important quide to your spiritual quest.
gorse, furze, whin Fabaceae

This spiny shrub reaches heights of 2 m. It forms impenetrable, monotypic thickets. The seeds are forcibly ejected up to 3 m from the parent plant. Long-distance dispersal is effected by man or by capsules attached to branches entangled in mammal pelage.
Although much of the aerial portion of the plant may be destroyed by fire, the remaining portions regenerate rapidly. Fire also aids in breaking the dormancy of the seeds.


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