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Perkunas:The Lithuanian God of Fire

Perkunas, the God of fire, revives life and protects righteousness and order. In Lithuania, farmers prays to him and warriors called on him. In historical times, Perkunas was the most well-known Lithuanian God. Lithuania’s enemies knew of his might, and his flag flew over Lithuanian lands. The Vytis of our flag is the same Perkunas. The Prussian chronicles record a flag with the images of three Gods: Perkunas is the central God.
PERKUNAS by Jonas Trinkunas


The origin of Perkons is closely connected with its natural appearance - rain, thunder, lightning. The word perkons has two meanings in all three Baltic languages - "Thunder god" and "thunder". Catholic clergyman D. Fabricius writes in 1610: "During a drought, when there has not been rain, they worship Perkons in thick forests on hills and sacrifice to him a black calf, a black goat, and a black cock. When the animals are killed, then, according their custom, the people come together from all the vicinity, to eat and drink there together. They pay homage to Perkons by first pouring him beer, which is then brought around the fire, and at last pour it in this fire, asking Perkons to give them rain."
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