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My Setanta:By Dean Jones

My Setanta

by Dean Jones

at end of day
I weary lay
my head between my hands
I call you late
and I await
The weekend once again
Then I may live
And I may smile
The days will be short then
When I will be with you my son
My setanta,my favorite friend

The time between is very long
filled up with work and study
while I'm away,you grow so fast
and I miss my little buddy
the weary life,filled up with grey
will soon be bright and warm
I will have you here again
my rainbow in the storm

I hope that you never outgrow
my stories or my songs
I hope you never tire,of Mull of Kintrye
or Chuchulainn and his hurley ball
you mean the very world to me
I wish I could convey
happy I will be again
I will see you in a day

By Dean Jones
May not be used in any form. Copywright March 10,1999. Dean Jones.

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