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Lost in Dream:By Dean Jones

In deepest sleep I watch you breathe
your face long lost in dream
blue light shine through nursery blinds
you are outlined by a moonbeam.
I wonder where you are tonight
What adventures have taken you away?
What pirate vessel or rocket ship
have stolen you until day.
Beautiful child,where do you go,
after I tuck you into bed.

what sights play out behind your eyes,
within your sleeping head.
Do cannons boom where you go at night
do horses gallop,do airplanes dogfight?
do you see Tarzan or Frankenstien
will you remember these things when the morning light shines?
In deepest sleep you slowly breathe
your face long lost in dream
in blue light shine in pale moonlight
I kiss your brow and wisper
"Sweet dreams."

By Dean Jones
May not be used in any form.(EVER!) Copywright May 28,1999. Dean Jones.

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