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Scots French Toast(Or Scot's Toast)

1 Loaf Thick Cut Bread or Two Slices per person
box or container of Oats(quick oats are fine.)
8 eggs
2 cups whole milk.
2 tsp vanilla
pinch salt
2 tbls butter
2 tbls Canola Oil
Powdered Sugar for dusting.
Set out bread beside the stove
pour oats on a big plate,layer a fine amount of them for dipping the toast into.
beat eggs,milk,salt and vanilla in deep bowl that can hold a slice of bread.
add butter and oil to pan.
let oil/butter come to a good heat,not too high,but not too low.
dip slice of bread in egg mixture,let absorb wet mixture until it is saturated but not too soggy. Put slice in oats and cover and turn to cover again. Set in butter/oil mixture and cook on bolth sides until golden. Set slices that are done on a plate lined with paper towl or paper sacks. After two are cooked,and if you are cooking for a few people,transfer to cookie sheet on low oven until all slices are cooked.
transfer to serving plate and sprinkle with powdered sugar, or serve with honey or syrup. Serve this with fruit and other traditional breakfast items for a hearty breakfast. Also makes a nice dinner on a cold day.

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