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The Ogham

B:(Beithe)The Birch
L:(Luis):The Rowan
F:(Fearn: The Alder
S:(Sail): The Willow
N:(Nion): The Ash
H:(Huath): The Hawthorn
D:(Duir): The Oak
T:(Tinne): The Holly
C:(Coll): The Hazel
Q:(Queirt): The Apple
M:(Muin): The Vine
G:(Gort): The Ivy
nG:(nGetal): Broom
St:(Straiph): The Blackthorn
R:(Ruis): The Elder
A:(Ailm): The Fir
O:(Onn): The Furze
U:(Ur): The Heather
E:(Eadhadh): The Aspen
I:(Idhadh): The Yew

The Ogham Alphabet and Corresponding Tree Pages

Sail:(The Willow)

with the lord of the wild Hunt,

the spirit of the animals and.

Green World,who appears in many

world mythologies under various

disguises and names. The most common

names are Cernunnos,Herne the Hunter,

and under the Irish system,"The Daghda".

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