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The Updates

After a long Hiatus,I decided that during the Winter break from school I would update my old website. If anyone has any Idea of Critisisms to offer during this time period of renovation,please drop me a line at Until the next update look for sporadic changes affecting the look. Text will follow.

Updated "The Wicker Man Page" and "The Links"
An Article
In Praise of Pagan Men: A Beltane Essay on The Green Man Among Us by Sia::
It's a great article..

It's been said that "Nine tenths of the Laws of Chivalry is the desire on the part of men to keep all the fun to themselves". While that may have been true in the past, our Pagan men have found a way to merge old world courtesy with modern equality. Anyone who's been to a Pagan event will know whereof I speak, and will appreciate these men for their gallantry and their sense of style. Goddess knows, I like their sense of style. These guys are as comfortable wearing leather, silk or velvet as they are wearing blue jeans or a suit. I'm not taking just about the young, hunky guys, either; I happen to think that all men are handsome and that all women are beautiful. In fact, it's been said that I organize Pagan events just so I can see lots of men in costume. To that I answer, "Yea, verily." (Hey, I may be married, folks, but I'm not dead.) I like these men because they're proud of who they are. They view themselves as people, and not just as wage earners or studs. I also love their honesty, their humor, and their hard won maturity. They treat both women and men with respect and they expect the same in return. When these men choose to parent, I see them doing their very best to be nurturing, involved fathers. They are comfortable caring for children and they do a great job. Many of these men did not have wise or loving fathers themselves but they are determined to be the right kind of parent for their own kids, and to this I say, "Praise Be." These men have no wish to live in some patriarchal past. They know that good men don't "help" with the housework; they simply do what's needed. In other words, they see themselves as equal partners. As a result, their lovers don't have to work the dreaded "Second Shift" It's amazing what a great relationship people can have when they're not exhausted, angry, and bitter. The sex is better, too.
This made me feel very loved and blessed. Many pagan men have made it hard to pagan women to trust them in pagan groups. But we are not all sexual predators,or it's nice to get a warm responce sometimes.
Thanks sia!
Well..I guess I will have to start updating this thing. Bright blessings and happy Beltaine! Blackthorne

Food Page
Updated Food Page,changed links,cleaned it up a bi.Needs More work!

Well..thanks to the Guy on the "Message" Board who let me know that I made the horrible blunder of atributing the authorship of "The Iliad" to Virgil when it's actually Homer. It was a stupid mistake,and I deserved the dressing down,no matter how rude it was.
BTW. I have to add that I always welcome any corrections,comments and critisism. I really especially appreciate comments and corrections that are polite. So,keep that in mind.


Updated the "Ganesh" page with new links.

I recieved an email today from a gentlemen who wanted to "set me straight" on Herne The hunter. Here is body of the email:
Hello, I'm afraidHerne the Hunter probably has Anglo-Saxon origins.The legend is about Windsor Great Park,and you can't be in a more English of English places than that.The name Herne is certainly more like the English word Horn and nothing like the 'celtic' word Cernnunos. 1500 years ago,the pagan Anglo-Saxons displaced the Christian,Romano-British who had long since discarded their pagan roots. Most ancient customs and traditions of England are of Anglo-Saxon origin.Unfortunately the Victorian romanticists,fired by the Arthurian romances,put the label Celtic on just about everything English.
Sorry to disappoint you,
Mick, England

I have to emphasise that the pages that I have posted on my site are not the work of a anthropologist or an archeologist or even a person who professionaly studies myth. All the god pages clearly post links to websites and books containing info both good and bad on the various pagan dieties that exist. I claim to be not an expert but an archivist. I welcome information,always, even if it makes me look a fool.
I am going to post all the info I can on Herne the Hunter,I don't even begin to believe that it will give a final word on each pages subject,but then again that was never my goal. I welcome all trails to more info on this subject,and would love to have anyone email me regaurding these topics as long as it's civil and not rude. I am beginning to realize that I should take the site down. I thought that it would be supportive to pagan men,and give some resources previously not known aboout. While I have gotten a few emails of encouragement,I get mostly letters wanting me to correct glitches. Nothing wrong with this,but I need alot of time to revamp the site and make it better,and I am not sure if the idea of that is too daunting or not. Looking over the whole of the website I realize I bit off more than I could chew. Since it's beginning I have been dogged by people who are not it's target audience,pagan men. Most of the encouragement I have recieved has been by pagan women. While I love that,I just realize more and more that my target audience does not care if this site exists. So,I am going to get rid of it. In the next few months,the lodge of Herne will be deleted and no armchair anthropologist can be offended by it's existence. That's all for now.