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The Where you at? quiz.

The following was taken from an article"Nature Religion for Real"by
Chas S. Clifton.From Gnosis Magazine No.48 (Summer 1998)
This was in turn taken from CoEvolution quarterly 32(Winter 1981)
compiled by Leonard Charles,Jim Dodge,Lynn Milliman,and Victoria Stockley.
Chas Clifton's Website

1.Trace the Water you drink from precipitaton to 
2.What sort of soil is predomanant in this place?
What "Soil Series" is it?
3.Name five native edible plants in your region
 and the season(s) that they are available.
4.How long is the growing season?
5.What was the total precipitation in your area 
last year?(July-June)
6.Name five birds that live in your area.Which are
 migratory and wich are year round residents?
7.How have humans used the land during the past two centuries?
(The narrower the better:You learn more from the history
 of a city lot than from a larger area.)
8.Where does your garbage ultimately go?
9.What species have become extinct in your area?
10.From what direction do winter storms generally come in 
your region?
11.What primary geological even or process influenced the 
land to form where you live?
12.When do deer rut in your region,and when are their
 young born?
13.What spring wildflower is consistently among the 
first to bloom where you live?
14.Name five grasses in your area.Are any of them
15.What are the major plant associations in your region?
(A plant association is a group of plants that normally 
grow in the same ecological zone,such as Tallgrass Prarie.)
16.How recently was the Moon Full?
17.What kind of energy do you primarily use?Where does 
it come from?
18.Where is the wilderness in your Bioregion?
19.What are the primary sources of pollution?
20.What are the major "natural"sounds your are aware 
of in any particular month or season?

"I am Related"

I am related
in the universe
bigger than
my mind

I am connected
to the stars

and sing to
chosen star groups

I travel
both earth and heaven

to other stars
and songs
of other constelations

1979:Sunusa Stopped the Rain.
Carmichael,CA:Chalatien Press.

Ecological Links

1.The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
2.PANTHEISM Natural or Scientific Pantheism:  a religious approach to nature and the cosmos
3.Nature Religion Today Pagan Studies Internationalby Selena Fox
4.Eden GateEdible Landscape Nursery, Design Services, and Workshops
5.My Meditation of Earth Healing Day (Criticism by Aedhelwyrd)
6.Serius CommunityMore Communal Green Living Info
7.Conservation Action Network:
8.The Chemical ScorecardHow does your neighborhood rate on toxic waste?
9:Amazing Enviromental Organization Web Directory
10:Camping:An experience everyone should enjoy:A great site with excellent info on the outdoors. Recommeneded to everyone
11:The Sierra Club

"Like many of you, I have traveled a long way to find a bit of true nature. Yet it exists in intimate forms all around us-in the mushroom that pushes its white head through a crack in the asphalt,in the rich collection of so-called weeds that find their way to water along the roads of new mexico.
Wilderness can be seen from the top floor of Rockafeller Plaza as the peregrine falcon flies by. Wilderness lives in the hedges around Miami's shopping malls, which are a commons for bird and bee.
Wilderness is the wood rat whose big old nest is tucked into sage in the oak groves in Ojai,in the coyote who finds a den in the brush in Beverly Hills, in the chipmunk who steals seed from the bird feeder for her winter supply in the Appalachian fall of North Carolina. We look quietly to see these expressions of the wilds all around us."
Joan Halifax "The Fruitful Darkness:Reconnecting with the body of the earth." Harper Collins Publishers 1994
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