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Zeus,God of the Sky-The Realm of Will and Power

Zeus was the chief and most powerfull of the Olympian gods, As the Olympian Sky Gid,he ruled from Mt Olympus,a high and distant mountain, whose craggy heights are often hidden by clouds that gather there.
When he and his brothers Poseidon and Hades drew lots and divided up the world,Zeus recieved the Sky,Poseidon was allotted the sea,and Hadesgot the Underworld. The earth and Mt Olympus were to be held in common,but Zeus from his sky position dominated the landscape and ruled over it all.
Jane Shinoda Bolen,M.D. "Gods in Everyman:A New Psychology of Men's Lives and Loves."

The are several variations of the Greek myth of the cornucopia, but the basic story revolves around the birth of Zeus. When Zeus was born, his mother Rhea hid the newborn in order to protect him from his father, Cronus. Rhea (who was also Cronus's sister) had already given birth to six children who Cronus had promptly eaten as soon as they were born. Cronus saw this as self-protection as he had been warned by his parents that one of his children would depose him. Since Cronus had already deposed his father, Uranus (after castrating him with a sickle his mother, Gaia, had crafted and given him), this seemed to be a reasonable prediction and his response a logical one. (Gaia, by the way, was also Uranus's mother as well as his wife.) With her seventh child, however, Rhea secretly gave birth on the island of Crete and entrusted the baby god to Amalthea, a daughter of King Melisseus. The princess nurtured the infant on goat's milk and, between feedings, hid him in a tree. Meanwhile Rhea, back with her husband, pretended to give birth and presented Cronus with a rock swaddled like a baby. Cronus gobbled the stone down without realizing the deception. Zeus grew up and was ready to lead the rebellion against his father. Rhea got Cronus to drink an emetic and he promptly vomited up his other six offspring -- who had evidently matured while in their father's stomach. They immediately joined Zeus, who wore a cloak fashioned from the skin of the goat who nourished him, in a battle against Cronus. After a decade-long war, Zeus and his siblings triumphed and Cronus (and his sibling-Titans) were sent to Tartarus, deep in the bowels of the underworld. Zeus, then brought the goat -- skinless but evidently healthy -- to Mount Olympus as a favored pet. One day he accidentally knocked off one of its horns and, in gratitude to his foster mother, Amalthea, presents her with the horn -- now enhanced with the power to fill itself up with whatever fruits she desires. Thus it becomes a horn of unending plenty. (In Latin "horn of plenty" is, literally, _cornu copia_ or _copiae_.) From ezine. Copywright(C)1999 Paula Guran.

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II. Childhood of Zeus
"...And since both earth (Gaia) and sky (Uranus) foretold him (Chronos) that he would be dethroned by his own son, he used to swallow his offspring at birth.
Enraged at this; Rhea repaired to Crete, when she was big with Zeus, and brought him forth in a cave of Dicte. She gave him to the Curetes and to the Nymphs... to nurse. So these Nymphs fed the child on the milk of Amalthea (the Goat)... but Rhea wrapped a stone in swaddling clothes and gave it to Chronos to swallow..." (Apollodorus, Bibliotheca I.I.5-7).

Homeric Hymn to Zeus

Zeus, chiefest among the gods and greatest, all-seeing, the lord of all, the fulfiller who whispers words of wisdom to Themis as she sits leaning towards him.

Be gracious, all-seeing Son of Cronos, most excellent and great!

From the Excellent... Bullfinches Mythology